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Sunny Brazelton

Hi. My name is Sunny. I have two doodle bosses named Piper and Lola. They're total boss babes and uber fabulous. And sheepadoodles (Old English Sheepdog and Standard Poodle - NOT sheep and poodle - mixes, yes I've been asked this).

Pipee is the CBD, Chief Boss Doodle and Lola is the CSD, Chief Shadow Doodle. Obviously they're busy girls, what with running a whole company and all that. They mostly model and design and calm and care for their subordinate employees (me & Winston) but they definitely influence all designs. Oh and they are the collective heads of Research and Development as they test all our products. They have played tug-of-war with every version of our pompoms since day one. That's why we settled on four of the thickest, best quality jewelry stands available for Our PetPoms.

We added a new employee named Winston about a year ago. He's a rescued labradoodle. He's not nearly as demanding as the girls. And he's a total charmer. He has been described as a mix of Goofy and Eeyore but handsome. 

You can follow their doodle adventures on Instagram at @PiperAndLolaDoodles.

We started PetPoms mostly as a way to help raise funds for sick and injured pet furiends on Instagram. We promise to donate at least 15% of all our profits to a pet in need (our #WAIGF #weareIGfamily) from Instagram. We usually donate way more than that thoug , especially since we're still a start up and aren't rolling in extra dough just yet. And we want to help every sick pet we see on IG. Don't tell the doodle dad how much we donate though. 😂 

I have an autoimmune illness and could no longer be a dependable employee since my health can literally change from one day to the next so I had to stop working several years ago. Since our income had become a bit more limited I decided to start PetPoms so that I could continue to help all the pets in need that I do often see on Instagram. It also became a way for me to continue to indulge my pet products shopping habit as well. And to help finance the addition of Winston. And to help defray Lola's recent medical expenses. 

We guarantee that literally every penny we make through PetPoms goes to a loved pet, either one of ours or someone else's. 

So we want to sincerely thank you for helping us help all the pets, be it ours and others'. 

We also think it's good to let our customers know in advance of my health issues in case there is a delay in their order. Some days I feel decent and some days I'm too sick to move so, on those days, pompoms and tutus must regrettably take a backseat to existing and I'll return to creating as soon as humanly (and humanely) pawssible.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your patience if you happen to catch us on one of those days that is a bit more ruff.

Our customers tend to become our furiends and family so welcome to the family!

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