Tutu-fabulous Collection

This collection includes our Beginner Custom Color Tutus, Max Floof Custom Color Tutus, Waist TutuPoms and our Neck TutuPoms Tutu-ize Packages.

We hate to brag (yeah right!) but our line of traditional custom tutus for your pet have been tweaked and twiddled (totally a legit thing) until pawfected. 

Instead of tying flimsy large openly woven tulle strips around a strip of flat elastic we use the far more luxurious woven elastic headband ribbon and the far more densely woven sparkle tulle strips in a coordinating color. We weave sparkle tulle through the holes in elastic about 3/4 of the way around the circumference of the ribbon so your pet can still do their pawsonal business.

Our custom tutus are big and full and fluffy and beautiful. The length will vary depending on the size of your uber fashion forward and runway ready pet.