Easter Treats GlitterPoms

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Easter Treats GlitterPoms
Easter Treats GlitterPoms

The Clementine Finley Couture Collection is a custom line of our specialty GlitterPoms that are hand made and hand strung to size and constructed using our original four 1.0 mm of the best quality stretch jewelry strands that make them extra durable and still easily dressed and easily removed from your pet.

They are available in the following standard GlitterPom sizes (feel free to contact us for help with sizing):

  • SMALL 2.0 CM STANDARD GLITTERPOMS - $26 circumference up to 12 inches for necks up to 11.5" (includes approximately 12, up to 16 GlitterPoms - depending on finished GlitterPoms size, which varies each shipment) 
  • MEDIUM 2.0 CM STANDARD GLITTERPOMS - $32 - circumference from 12.5" up to 16" for necks up to 12"-15"  (includes approximately 17, up to 20 GlitterPoms - depending on finished GlitterPoms size, which varies each shipment) 
  • LARGE 2.0 CM STANDARD GLITTERPOMS - $39 - circumference from 15.5" up to 22 inches for necks 15.5"-21"  (includes approximately 23, up to 26 GlitterPoms - depending on finished GlitterPoms size, which varies each shipment) 
  • X-LARGE 2.0 CM STANDARD GLITTERPOMS - $47 - circumference from 21.5" up to 26 inches for necks 21.5"-25"  (includes approximately 27, up to 31 GlitterPoms - depending on finished GlitterPoms size, which varies each shipment) 
    ***If you're unsure as to sizing either contact us prior to placing order or add your pet's neck size in the notes section. Also please remember to add extra length if your pet's fluff is longer or you'd like a looser, more casual look. If you need your PetPoms by a certain date, please contact us beforehand or add it in notes section so we can let you know if it's possible and rearrange orders if necessary.***
    • All of our felt supplies from Nepal are certified by GoodWeave. The GoodWeave label means that no child, forced or bonded labor was used in the making of a certified product, and that your purchase supports programs that educate children and ensure safe and fair labor practices for adults.
    • A portion of our sales go to #WAIGF (We Are IG Family) members with pets that are in need of medical care. The amounts change regularly based on which animals we see on IG that need help and what is needed. We plan to share those details more as time and energy permits and as we figure out the best way to do so. We typically donate funds via Paw Philanthropy (please check them out on IG) and directly through PayPal, Venmo or Go Fund Me. We will also specially design poms for specific fund raising purposes. Message us for ideas, suggestions or more information.
    • Our 100% wool pompoms come in over 100 colors, are dyed using azo free dyes, and generally come in four sizes. Standard poms are approximately 2.0-2.2cm/0.80-1.0 inch and are roughly the size of a quarter. MiniPoms are approximately 1.5cm/0.4-0.5 inch or roughly the size of a penny. MicroPoms are approximately 1.0cm and usually smaller than the size of a dime. MegaPoms are 3.0cm which is between the size of a bouncy ball and a golf ball. As with any hand made item there can be a bit of variation. That's part of their charm but we try to group similar sizes together, unless multiple sizes are part of the design.
    • Please note, PetPoms will not be held responsible for any product misuse resulting in an injury of any human or pet. We highly advise removal of PetPoms when your pet is unsupervised. You know your pet best. 
    • Also please note that you may be responsible for any value added taxes, customs, federal, local or other additional fees, depending on your area/country. PetPoms cannot be responsible for any of these additional charges.

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